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EMALED Filter Technology ►Homogeneous light in the entire field of surgery ►No chromatic aberrations (chromatic aberration) ►Constant light color during dimming of luminous intensity ►Even aging of the lamps
EMALED Reflection Technique ►95% of the intensity of the LED can be used ►Due to the reflectors, it is possible to produce the desired brightness with substantially less light. EMALED partly uses up to 50% less LED's than comparable products with the same performance! ►EMALED surgical lights consume by optimal light yield very little power. ►Fewer LEDs make for even less heating and a longer life and extremely low maintenance
EMALED-FLOW ►Low total area of ​​the light fixture ►Vents in the center of the surgical light ►The distribution of the LEDs in segments allow generous cut-outs on the edge of the lamp body
Optimized LED technology ►Low thermal output with no infrared and ultraviolet light ►Long life ►Low maintenance ►Reduced maintenance costs with the highest quality lighting and optimized in conjunction with our technologies
Surgical lamps Emaled 560
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Surgical lamps Emaled 300 W
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