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A direct response to the end-user's challenges,
workflows, and clinical objectives

The result is a compact, scalable anesthesia solution, that can be deployed in a wide range of OR environments and deliver superior anesthesia

For quick details

Patients Group Adult, Pediatric, Neonate (over 5kg)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 142 x 60 x 70 cm
Weight Anesthesia Machine without vaporizer: 118 kg (266.8 Ib)</br/> One unit Vaporizer: 5 kg (11.0 IbIb) Monitor with shelf mount: 7 kg (15.5 Ib)
Monitor size and resolution 10.1 in (256.5 mm) diagonal 1024×600 pixles With capacitive touch screen
Detachable monitor
Battery operating time 6 hr with normal ventilation settings 5400 mAh
Recharge time 4 hr
Ventilator Drive Supply Oxygen
Inlet Supply 2x O2 Inlets for Pipeline and Cylinder 1x Air Inlet for Pipeline 2x N2O Inlets for Pipeline and Cylinder
Inlet Connectors DISS (CGA 1240)
Connectivity 1x COM port 2xUSB ports
Loudness 34 dB
Volume Controlled, flow controlled
Volume targeted, adaptive pressure controlled
Adaptive Chest Flow Yes, Anti-Barotrauma & Volutrauma
Support modes SIMV, MMV, PSV
Visualization of lung mechanics (Dynamic Lung)
Lung Compliance and Resistance monitor
Ga Analyzer (Agent ID, MAC, N2O)
Heated breathing circuit
Flow-meter lightening
Auto record keeper Up to one year
Compensation Fresh gas, Altitude, Compliance

For your patients

Gas Analyzer

Capnography is synonymous with patient safety during anesthesia and sedation. Therefore, we put a special attention to satisfy all user requirements by considering a gas-analyzer plug-in into the ventilator panel. All you have to do is connecting the right sensor and the ventilator automatically set the alarm limits, displays the waveform and alert the user to zero calibrate the sensor. Gas-Analyzing makes no difference at all, it would take minimum user effort to set up his settings. VENTOXYN Anesthesia machine is fully compatible with all types of Masimo/Phasein sensors.

Heated Absorber

Heated circuits are used to avoid moisture that specially appears during low-flow anesthesia. The patient remains adequately hydrated when a heated breathing circuit system is used. This maintains mucociliary clearance and allows secretions to be transported. The risk of infection is reduced as a result on the patient side and infection through a humid absorber through the next patient.

Adaptive Chest Flow

The new feature in our ventilator allows us to vary inspiratory flow waveform and time during mechanical ventilation. Dynamic Lung characteristics is unique for every patient and the ventilator should stimulate the patient's best inspiratory flow waveform according to the natural breathing pattern of humans. In experimental models, the variation in inspiratory flow waveform and time during IPPV have been shown to affect physiologic variables.

Dynamic Lung

The Dynamic Lung panel is part of the Ventilation Monitoring. It displays tidal volume, lung compliance, patient triggering, and resistance in real-time. The Dynamic Lung expands and contracts in synchrony with actual breaths. The shape of the lungs also changes with compliance. This information also applied to VENTOXYN software to perform each breath considering the patient’s individual characteristics to minimize the lung injuries such as volutrauma, which causes the ventilator to work as smoothly as possible.


Accurate control is maintained in all modes using not only dynamic compliance and fresh gas compensation but also through active control of the inspiratory and expiratory flow valves. Both valves work together to precisely control the delivery and maintenance of the target pressure.

Self Test

Giving the right maintenance service at the right time is extremely vital for the anesthesia machine. Self-test at the ventilator startup checks all the major parts in the machine which are essential to guarantee the best system performance. A brief report about each part's readings can help the PEC after services to locate the problem easily, If any of those parts run out of order the user will instantly informed by the machine.